Elopement Lofoten Norway  Christin Eide

To experience an Elopement in Lofoten with Photographer Christin Eide, Norway, is pure magic...

The famous Lofoten Islands in the northern parts of Norway is an experience and an adventure of a lifetime

You are greeted by magnificent scenery, mountain peaks, fjords in Lofoten and on a good day you might see a killer whale

Lofoten is easily accessible if you fly in via Oslo or Bergen. You continue with domestic flights to Bodø or Leknes, which is located in Lofoten

In Lofoten you have a choice of accommodation options, AirBnB is widespread. As a tip, feel free to choose a "Rorbu", which is the local name of a seaside cabin

Stay directly by the sea and just enjoy nature ...

Let´s Elope in Norway!

Elopement Photographer Christin Eide is a true Lofoten Wedding & Elopement Specialist

Christin Eide was awarded the Best Photographer in Norway in 2014 and Best Wedding Photographer in Norway 2014-2019, by the Norwegian Photographers Association

For more than 12 years, Christin Eide, has travelled the world in service for adventureous couples and capturing moments of love